Our History

Cloud Advisors brings decades of experience in the enterprise IT space. Our understanding of how solutions work on-premise is what gives us our advantage in being a Cloud Solutions provider. We simply have a better understanding of how on-premise solutions work as we have done that work for 25 plus years. Our knowledge of how on-premise infrastructure and applications work is the lynch pin to understanding how to migrate data and applications to the Cloud in the most secure, efficient and cost-effective way possible.

At Cloud Advisors, we recognized the significance of the Cloud right away. Because the Cloud is disrupting the way IT is delivered and consumed, there is a tremendous opportunity to scrutinize and rethink the way IT operates in your organization. Using our experience, we know that the Cloud has surpassed on-premise solutions in its ability to deliver agile, secure and compliant on-demand solutions..

Our Goals

Our objective at Cloud Advisors is to guide organizations through the plethora of Cloud options and provide them with practical, easy to understand and use Cloud solutions that are secure, compliant and cost-effective.   We do this through:

  • Practical cost-effective solutions.  No unnecessary options that come in bundles where you are paying for services that are not needed..
  • No contract commitments.  We lead with our best pricing right away and if we are not the right fit we do not hold your organization hostage with long term contracts.
  • No minimum spend. Our support is built into our services. Many organizations have a minimum spend or support contract that needs to be met; .i.e. $1500.00 per month before services can be provided.
  • US based support.  Easy to access and hassle-free support. 95% of our support calls are solved in minutes.

Our Vision

The Cloud is a place of unlimited resources. No more waiting weeks for on-premise IT infrastructure to be purchased, installed, configured and supported and then 3 to 5 years later repeat the cycle. The Cloud frees up resources in your organization to support your organization’s business goals and focus on what you do. We see businesses thrive when the complexity of security and compliance are shifted to the Cloud where they can be easily implemented and supported. Don’t weigh your business down with IT, get to the Cloud and bring the focus back on your business!

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